QinTheory | 秦 論

Art is my spritual gate through which I explore pathways to connect with the Source. I create paintings as everyday reflection on this connection, but also to heal individual and collective wounds carried through our emotions. With Chinese ink and brushes, I create on various surfaces: from paper to canvases, miniature to large. For purchase of originals, high-quality prints of my paintings, as well as personal requests or commisions, please:

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Cosmic Dialogues

My painting is shaped by water, the element of emotions – as a form of mediation, the brush stroke and flow of the ink mirrors the dynamics of my internal stage during the process of creation.

Dragon Healing

In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a creature of water associated with the living force that moves bodies of water. The spiraling dragon in this series resembles the healing journey connecting Heaven to the underworld.

Water Story

The round canvas allows the water to flow in her natural, circular, chaotic way. As each piece carries different emotions of the collective, this series tells the stories of the Earth through the flow essence of life.